Cuba, a vacation exploration for the curious traveller…

Welcome to Cuba!  a local  vendor cheerfully poses

 “What I know deep in my bones is that when you have done the same thing for 50 years and nothing has changed, you should try something different if you want a different outcome,” Obama said during a televised news conference. “And this gives us an opportunity for a different outcome.”

The Cuban Capitol

With this announcement from President Obama in December 2014, the tides of change for Americans to court friendship with an exiled neighbor after 50 years of defiant discord sent waves of excitement, anticipation, suspicion and mystery to curious travel seekers within the US and its outlying hemispheres. Read More

Nostalgia, when Tradition and Reality collide…the yearning of Christmas of yesteryears

Fondest Family Love and Blessings

As the Season of Christmas neared, the fond farewell to the old, the yesteryears of family gatherings and the thrill of Christmas anticipation were remarkably replete in forgotten memories.

The baking, from the sweet bread, the white bread, the sponge cake and the fruit cake were the virtual cravings to my empty palette.

Many family friends and colleagues posted pictures and told stories of the magic of smells coming from the family homes and kitchens.  There was bounty and abundance and varieties of holiday feasts.  The pictures were tastes of homesickness that were agonizing. Read More