Support Firebirds Track and Field 2017 #RunRaylynnRun

Donate by going to the link here

this year I share a video to encourage each and everyone of you — friends and family and facebook onlookers – to support @Firebirds Track Club of Montgomery County Maryland

As the newest Granmimi supporter to #RunRaylynnRun campaign I invited patrons to donate to Raylynn’s overhead expenses for the Summer 2016 Sacramento Track and Field Jr Olympics in Sacramento California.

To all who were generous, who offered their kind support, and in particular Raylynn’s Mom Nicole her Dad and our extended family we want to thankSidney Hairston and Angel H. Hairston for their generous efforts with donations from friends as well as Corliss Collins Clark President Emeritus and all of the Firebirds management team members for working out the best options to cover costs for our trip to California Read More

Top 10 Discoveries of Being Engaged in Virtual Social Media and Social Networking

Here are my top 10 discoveries of being too engaged in virtual social media and social networking.

  1. Person to Person conversations are so Yesterday

Instead of conversations, I can script a post to say my thoughts, themes, ideas, philosophies, discussion, and disregard the arguments in Nano seconds of typing.

  1. Technology is more entertaining than it is boring

For a gregarious introvert, the oxymoron of personalities, I am more fluid in my virtual communications.

Open communication shared with others is a daily exercise of new and informational exposure.

It is very engaging to see the personality types exposed by the candor of their reflections. People display their political persuasions, religious enthusiasm or atheism. There are the stereotypes, misinterpreted, bigots and the zealots. Read More

Nostalgia, when Tradition and Reality collide…the yearning of Christmas of yesteryears

Fondest Family Love and Blessings

As the Season of Christmas neared, the fond farewell to the old, the yesteryears of family gatherings and the thrill of Christmas anticipation were remarkably replete in forgotten memories.

The baking, from the sweet bread, the white bread, the sponge cake and the fruit cake were the virtual cravings to my empty palette.

Many family friends and colleagues posted pictures and told stories of the magic of smells coming from the family homes and kitchens.  There was bounty and abundance and varieties of holiday feasts.  The pictures were tastes of homesickness that were agonizing. Read More