Launching ! The Solopreneur Social Media Business Enterprise

Welcome to the launch of Experience Grace!  The Social Media Entrepreneur and solopreneur business enterprise.

For me Experience Grace is about life with its many foibles, as well as its innumerable opportunities for recovery and renewal.  The life experiences of connecting with people who are become more that just friends, social acquaintances, or incidental tourists in the tapestry of my history, my  journey and my  destiny are what I consider my Experience Grace moments and opportunities.. Read More

Social Justice is not Black and White. Looking at fear, divide and conquer, and the psyche of the cult of media

In the aftermath of the death of Freddy Gray, Baltimore explodes.

This picture of a little black boy offering a bottle of water to a police officer –  who may perceive him as a potential threat, given the current state of repeated incidents /killings epitomizes a palpable moment of reconciliation.

Were these only, the hope for all to see each other as needing each other?

I share this blog #SocialJustice after dealing with my own emotions after #MichaelBrown.  Now those same emotions are as raw as it was just 6 months ago Read More

Tessanne Chin Live at The Hamilton Wash DC Oct 28 14

Tessanne Chin, Winner of The Voice 2013 performed in Washington DC at The Hamilton Hotel. To a sold out audience of nationals representing Jamaica, and all ends of the Caribbean and new fans, Tessanne performed with gusto, with earthiness and with commanding intimacy.
This is my video, which was allowed by the announcer, with no flash. I was privileged to be Standing Room Only up front and personal to capture the radiance, the beauty, and the inviting persona of a truly endearing and richly talented artist Read More