Here are my top 10 discoveries of being too engaged in virtual social media and social networking.

  1. Person to Person conversations are so Yesterday

Instead of conversations, I can script a post to say my thoughts, themes, ideas, philosophies, discussion, and disregard the arguments in Nano seconds of typing.

  1. Technology is more entertaining than it is boring

For a gregarious introvert, the oxymoron of personalities, I am more fluid in my virtual communications.

Open communication shared with others is a daily exercise of new and informational exposure.

It is very engaging to see the personality types exposed by the candor of their reflections. People display their political persuasions, religious enthusiasm or atheism. There are the stereotypes, misinterpreted, bigots and the zealots.

  1. Maintain neutrality or don’t feel the mandate to pontificate

The public exercise of virtual freedom is not space for open warfare.  In the fractured schematic of the virtual world, there are; dictator and spectator, communicator and relator and orator and berator. The expose and the narrated, the truth and fiction, traveled and traversed, philosophical and unsophisticated; personality types are sharing in the popular culture of virtual reality.

  1. Viral is relative

Stars and media thrive on viral excess.  To have star power and become a brand like the Kardashians, any and everything that can arouse twitter and reaction are viral-worthy.

Kim Kardashian poses with her butt implants for a cover shoot.  It is newsworthy!

Nicki Minaj and the Anaconda salacious video antics are viral material!

The less clothes worn by Rihanna and Miley Cyrus for public events, that’s viral value. This is news, viral and epidemic

Viral is momentary.  The stars get their fame and until their next spectacle event is publicly posted, their viral fortune continues to expand.

  1. The economy of virtual spending

Online grocery shopping is more expedient and ever better bargains can be easily found by performing specific searches. Either store pick up or home delivery, these choices are better than the picking, parking, loading frustrations of in-store purchases.

One of the best online purchases for 2014 was the Barbie Doll Dream house.

The labor of love for my granddaughter Raylynn by her Dad to put this together Christmas day was beyond priceless.  But the joy for Raylynn and her look of complete bliss, are beyond words or money.

The labor of love for my granddaughter Raylynn by her Dad to put this together Christmas day was beyond priceless.  But the joy for Raylynn and her look of complete bliss, are beyond words or money.

  1. Isolation and Introspection are not because of loneliness.

The choice to experience a rich virtual education does not diminish the absence of human encounter.

When social media posts share the nostalgia of homelands far away, there is connection. In the misery of all that seems trivial, when you are uplifted with a kind affirmation,  the essence in the harmony of lives becomes more evident.

  1. Sharing is Caring

Sharing pictures and posting about common interests introduce people to one another.

For some they are entertained, others may need to politicize.  To some; praying and seeking faith are shared interests.

  1. Virtual Optimization is Visibility with personalized hashtags

Online exploration of vacation destinations has excited my travel curiosity.   The pictures to world destinations with sun, sand and beach are my most favored posts.  My hashtag #LifeisaBeach is my virtual tour posts of destinations to visit.

#Ihopeyoudance is a favorite post that I regularly share.  With many dancing styles, the line dancing with the over 55+ to the newest hip hop movements with ages ranging from 5 to 95 are my zest potions to share with all.

#Familying with immediate members of family, friends and those who are no longer strangers are the bonding connections. They are continued in my posts of shared and common interests.

  1. Virtual is the new Actual

Being socially engaged is not just a virtual experience in social media, it is my highway to the world, people, places, things to do and things to see.

10. Be authentic and Just be You

People who are engaged, are individual, unique, esoteric and normal in their day to day lives and activities.

For those who are uncomfortable with radical issues, doctrines, ideologies or dispositions, social media will be a dubious challenge.

For those who are enthusiastic about being the person they are and can value all that is diverse and all encompassing, the authenticity of self is all that is really needed.

Engagement in virtual reality and the experience of social media and social networking are filled with exploration and discovery