Social Media is about Relationship   Social Media is about People … Based on #1 International Best Selling Socialnomics by Erik Qualman

For the sake of public knowledge I am as guilty of and equally suspect as any and all suggested characterizations that I illustrate in my social media personalities virtual chronicles.

Before all the domains in the virtual landscape of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, LinkedIn , Blogger, just to name a few,were live, connected, and instantaneously accessible tools of communication, we were much like the tortoise enclosed in protective worlds and moseying along to our safe place of habitat and protected dwellings.

I was especially disdainful to the growing advances of internet technology. It was to me a further separation of societies and a defining division of those with available access and those without.

But I straddled tenuously into the territory of my virtual explorations and with comrades of all ages, locations, interests, perspectives, have found wisdom, insights. amusement and a most colorful assortment of interests and idiosyncrasies from the likes of fellow traversers in virtual reality.

The characters below are based on my own distorted concepts. It is no direct intention to “out” any identity. So if you are inclined to think its you and are honored by mention, please take a bow. If the humor of my musings makes you suspect an offense to you, please take a more salutary bow.

I delight in sharing pictures. Pictures from whence to now. Pictures of me, my immediate family, loved ones friends. Until I understood that everyone is not interested in every picture or video or last place visited, and whether it was sunny cold, or my dog is a pitbull or a “chiwawa” that I enthusiastically share, I began to build my online repository of content.with personal enjoyment.

Some of the most laughable moments online are shared in honest humor and brutal rancor by friends having children episodes, or discussing their weight gain/ loss and describing some of the side effects of digestive malfunctions.  Sometimes private voyeurism is embarrassingly posted,  hmmmnn!! quite accidentally??

What happens on Facebook does not stay on Facebook. Just by an investigating curiosity of some perverted postings, you, me and all who have no need to know about our social proclivities have shared incriminating evidence of our no longer secret follies. Busted!!

Tweens and the under 30 generations are best found Twittering and Instagramming since they have discovered that most of their parents and friends are just discovering social media. While we are having daily postings, sharing jokes, and chatting, tweens and 30 somethingers have migrated to the next techno frontier.

Occasionally they might share a posting to get a Like.  Birthday wishes or events that are neutral and get Likes are their miserly facebook offerings.
We have all become marketers. If we can get enough people to Like our pages we can grow our business. If we need to solicit clientele for funding and we need a new audience to buy our services or products we post, we pin and we link.

Some people use the medium as a sounding board to intellectually cuss out their leadership. Some people post their bigotry, their insensitivity , their political posturing and their biased judgements.

For a former diplomat at an international convention in Geneva whose most illustrious career speech detailing her “wining” prowess as part of her official dossier, went viral on social media, it was her unplanned best exit strategy. She was quickly relieved of her post and returned to her home country.

Some people play games and use their work hours for beating the ratings challenges. And after their idle googlings and doodlings, most of all their connections see their games activity on public share. And they invite others to join.  Unknowingly..I suppose.

People with their clandestine agendas are usually unfriended. One friend was quick to exit friend status when seeing activities that the “friend’s” nocturnal interests were more exclusive to others.

When I first saw my son’s Facebook page under his page pseudonym I quickly sent an inbox note with motherly warning. Please remember public is not private and the wall of information you share can help you or hurt you.!!!!

I follow Atheist, Agnostic, Buddhist and Christian, Judaic, Islamic postings. The most militant subscribers in their doctrines are also those whose fervor for contention is their greatest passion.

I have found new friends, I have discovered people and places. There are the  sharers, posters and those who are quiet choristers. And there are also the ignorers.

Many also share their reasons for not being on social media.

They typically argue that they prefer to maintain a professional persona on sites like LinkedIn . They usually seem to have concerns about private information being public. This is an example of too much info (TMI).   An ex partner is lurking on facebook and  discovers what happened in Vegas is now public info.  This is cause for the claim that 1 of 5 divorces occur because of facebook.

Some of us indulge the adventure of social media to enjoy the magic of virtual exploration. For me discoveries are exciting, amusing, illuminating, and engrossing as I survey this human constellation in the social media virtual space galaxy.

Within this landscape we are all the artists. We are a colony of thoughts, ideas, dreams and fantasies. We are posting and sharing and nonetheless entertaining with our palette of varied substance.

So delicious are the tastings, that there is always plentiful and bountiful artistry to relish and savor.