Top 10 Discoveries of Being Engaged in Virtual Social Media and Social Networking

Here are my top 10 discoveries of being too engaged in virtual social media and social networking.

  1. Person to Person conversations are so Yesterday

Instead of conversations, I can script a post to say my thoughts, themes, ideas, philosophies, discussion, and disregard the arguments in Nano seconds of typing.

  1. Technology is more entertaining than it is boring

For a gregarious introvert, the oxymoron of personalities, I am more fluid in my virtual communications.

Open communication shared with others is a daily exercise of new and informational exposure.

It is very engaging to see the personality types exposed by the candor of their reflections. People display their political persuasions, religious enthusiasm or atheism. There are the stereotypes, misinterpreted, bigots and the zealots. Read More

Initiate Thought, Provoke Discussion, Create Reason and Response and call it a Blog

Blog writers initiate discussion that elicits thought, reason and response. At its nucleus, effective bloggers  write with artistic creativity. The staging process of a blog begins with the visualization of concept, context and theme.  Similar to the eye of an artist, the scripted ideas and thoughts of a blogger are paintings colored with words and text.

With social media,  the demand for bloggers has generated a powerful and growing industry of creative writer enthusiasts.   Bloggers and the artform of writing are flourishing.  Rather than specialty occupations in journalism, communications, public relations, marketing  and media relations, there is an overwhelming demand for blogger contributions beyond all business and social boundaries. Read More

Dare to be Ageless: The Saavy of Aging and the Wisdom to Dare

Friday May 24 2013

In the course of the last 24 hours I was in the presence of death with its  royal sadness and finality.  I also shared an hour with =&0=&, 2014 candidate for the post of delegate to the State of Maryland. In contrast to the sobering,  unforgiving reality of death on this May 23 2013 morning,  I was able to enjoy life giving fervor, passion, optimism and hope for humanity, in the ideals of a 28  year old aspiring politician: =&1=& =&2=& =&3=& =&4=& as we met for coffee and introduction, late afternoon in Bethesda, Maryland. Because of a post on Facebook,  my extended community of Washington DC, Metropolitan area, Caribbean nationals were alerted to the death announcement of one of its most illustrious and charismatic entertainment personas.  Marjorie Ann “Marge” Lawrence-Sargeant, the female lead singer of the Image Band was gone. In the dichotomy of the two intersections of  life passages, death of Marge at 63, and the budding political aspirations of a 28 year old, I was forced to reckon with my own destiny.  I reflected on the view, through the mirror of my own life. In death, I came to know of Marge.  She was the mother, whose children stood in solidarity and shared about her gifts of unconditional love in their eulogy.    She was the friend, who was revered as a stalwart of generosity and richness, in all of her talents and her sharing. To her life loves, her husband, her family, her community, she was a spirit of fire and exemplary determination.  To our Caribbean community, and most especially to me, she was an energy force, pumped with Caribbean juices. Whenever Marge was on stage, she would command a presence of dance, that could never be equalled.    In her model svelte body, Marge, had the ability to “wuk up” her waist, in simulations of throbbing thrusts, throws, jolts and dips, and then swirl in circular motions, without breaking a sweat.  With a challenging glare to her audiences, she beckoned each and everyone to participate.  Her rhythmic muscle pulsations from her waist down, were choreographed in Caribbean and African ancestral flamboyance. I met Marge, as a friend of my deceased brother Brian, who died in 1998 at age 51.  We did not get to know each other in a bosomy close friendship.  But, on occasions, when I attended shows with the Image Band in performance, it was as if, she were sending libations from the heavens. She would glare at me with those big haunting eyes,  to bid me enjoy, welcome and embrace the honor.   In my mind’s eye, she was chanelling and offering the spirit of Brian’s presence. The biggest reveal about Marge, was not that she had been an Immigration Inspector for the Department of Homeland Security for over 35 years.  It was that she was =&5=& Caribbean by birth.  She was born and raised in Wyandanch, New York, USA.As I saw all the familiar faces, the photographers, the artists, the dancers, the Trinidad and Tobago Steelband ensemble , the African drummers, the poets, the lawyers, the doctors, the radio personalities, I became overwhelmed in the nostalgia of sacred memories. I remembered Brian’s funeral and I wept for Marge and for the lust for life that she lived so heartily.   For her 63 years, Marge, just like Brian, inhabited youthful energy and untameable vitality.I then went to a scheduled appointment with Jordan Cooper,  2014 Democratic Candidate for Delegate in the Maryland General Assembly. My introduction to Jordan came about as a result of a =&6=& that my son’s company =&7=& Daryean M Gomez, Owner,  completed at the Cooper family residence, in Bethesda Maryland.   After the installation was completed, Jordan shared his political agenda and his interests in community involvement with my son. He followed up with an email to me, since I, coordinate the business operations for DMG, stating that he enjoyed meeting with Daryean, and would like to find out about the concerns that small businesses were experiencing.  He further stated that he was open and available to address questions or concerns that were issues in the local community. As a naturalized citizen of the United States since 1992, I have performed my civic duties and responsibilities as a voter.  I have not been active in Maryland State political affairs.   I was  intrigued by Jordan as a person first, politician second. In sharing  the human capacity to reach out to a visiting worker, with decency, respectfulness, engagement, and professional hospitality, Jordan exampled moral character and integrity.  Without bias to political persuasion or agenda, I felt that the extent of effort demonstrated by Jordan Cooper, to reach his constituents was admirable, and to a much larger extent, politically astute.In my blog on the housing industry meltdown crisis, I communicated with Jordan on the perils of experiencing Foreclosure.   I was pleasantly encouraged that Jordan responded in a follow up email.  He again showed an earnest demonstration  of care and genuine  sincerity by discussing options that he investigated on my behalf. With  over 30 years of business career experience I have observed and assimilated into corporate culture.  I have accumulated a vast reservoir of intelligence assets.  There is an intrinsic trait of genuine credibilty evident in the untested resolve and in the political manifesto of Jordan Cooper, the candidate for Maryland State office. In the compliment of youthful ideals and seasoned valuation I celebrate the experience of optimistic synergy in the connection with Jordan.   In the course of an hour’s discussion,  we covered a range  of topics.  We spoke about management communications, political rhetoric, strategic analysis, and deployment of next actions. In the interest of our future engagements, we conferred on what would be the ideal objectives of mutual interests.   We spoke about:  “Creating an Online Presence” as part of his communications agenda. =&8=&=&9=&