Moments of Reflection through Quest and Challenge and Humor

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Grace Walker 2013 Year in Review Timeline Event is a Facebook synopsis of  best selected moments on my individual timeline.  Facebook timeline highlights are subjective as they portray random moments from an outsider’s virtual perspective. On the contrary, my defining moments are extraordinary,  and immense,  and very profound.

In the beginning of 2013, I was drowning in the emotional tsunami of economic loss.  I was victim to the housing crisis.   From the wealth of a full-time financially sustaining consulting career,  to the poverty of a part-time,  barely above minimum wage,  temp staffer assignment, I was mentally and financially imploding. Read More

The Romance of Social Media Engagement for Viral Dominance

Like a debutante with eager anticipation,  the adrenalin rush of expectation and enthusiasm to step into a new dimension of experience, is an enticing and exciting thrill.

So is the bubbling energy of social media engagement. In the narrative shared here, the characters are based on fictionalized truths. The exposé of the grand machinery of social media is way too involved and convoluted to contain it in the mechanics of a blog. I choose to dress the science of social media engagement and the gamut of its extensions as an enactment of themes.  The story illustrates people whose work and lives are circled around their interactions in social media communities and the power of engagement.   Social Media Engagement, is parodied as a romance, where competing media platforms are the numerous social media outlets in pursuit of their millions of followers.The basis of success in social media is viral value. The competitors woo and win followers, and build communities.   They establish models of engagement and are the major contenders for global prominence.

Dr. Vergis Tenar, the forerunner in the campaign race for political appointment and his Administrative Officer, Maria Sinclair, are the avatars to the story.

Maria is thoroughly immersed in social media, from the perspective of its intrigue and capabilities. She is most seduced by the virtual activities of  world collaboration value that is available instantaneously.  She is active on social media and is interested in new and developing products, apps, research insights, that can increase her talents, skills and her overall productivity.  She examines  models of social media engagement and is prepared for her upcoming debut moment. Read More

Facebook!! :Look at me Now @GooglePlus & Circling

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I am 57 years old , a grandmother and an avid social media enthusiast and active blogger.    I started my first blog “How the Internet gives me a voice” January 2013,  in response to a LinkedIn article asking readers to submit their responses.

The responses were due by a deadline and since I did not even know how to create a blog, I sent an email attachment to the requester prior to the deadline. In their email response they suggested that the formats for submission were #Wordpress or an established blog link.  Unfortunately, my post was not accepted due to the deadline. Read More

Our personalities in social media

Social Media is about Relationship   Social Media is about People … Based on #1 International Best Selling Socialnomics by Erik Qualman

For the sake of public knowledge I am as guilty of and equally suspect as any and all suggested characterizations that I illustrate in my social media personalities virtual chronicles.

Before all the domains in the virtual landscape of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, LinkedIn , Blogger, just to name a few,were live, connected, and instantaneously accessible tools of communication, we were much like the tortoise enclosed in protective worlds and moseying along to our safe place of habitat and protected dwellings. Read More