Initiate Thought, Provoke Discussion, Create Reason and Response and call it a Blog

Blog writers initiate discussion that elicits thought, reason and response. At its nucleus, effective bloggers  write with artistic creativity. The staging process of a blog begins with the visualization of concept, context and theme.  Similar to the eye of an artist, the scripted ideas and thoughts of a blogger are paintings colored with words and text.

With social media,  the demand for bloggers has generated a powerful and growing industry of creative writer enthusiasts.   Bloggers and the artform of writing are flourishing.  Rather than specialty occupations in journalism, communications, public relations, marketing  and media relations, there is an overwhelming demand for blogger contributions beyond all business and social boundaries. Read More

The Imagery of Words : Millenial Jargon to Renaissance Conversation


Nothing is as potent nor can be as salacious as the usage, knowledge, and intention in the homage of words.

I am a Marilyn Monroe enthusiast.  In her mystique and her beauty, I believe she embodies and typifies  a bodily incarnation of the meaning of the word “Allure”.  In the poetry of *Maya Angelou, Phenomenal Woman*, there is movement, glamour, beauty, and royalty in the fusion of thoughts expressed in the song of each word, and paragraph.

“Its in the reach of my arms,
The span of my hips,
The stride of my steps,
The curl of my lips,
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.  (excerpted from Phenomenal Woman, Maya Angelou)

For the baby boomer generation our archaic examination of thought, word, expression is labored with definition, context, content and explanation.  Our research, our library, our encyclopedia of knowledge is studied and exhaustive.  Our references are framed by the limitations of geography and isolated discoveries. Read More