Launching ! The Solopreneur Social Media Business Enterprise

Welcome to the launch of Experience Grace!  The Social Media Entrepreneur and solopreneur business enterprise.

For me Experience Grace is about life with its many foibles, as well as its innumerable opportunities for recovery and renewal.  The life experiences of connecting with people who are become more that just friends, social acquaintances, or incidental tourists in the tapestry of my history, my  journey and my  destiny are what I consider my Experience Grace moments and opportunities.. Read More

Initiate Thought, Provoke Discussion, Create Reason and Response and call it a Blog

Blog writers initiate discussion that elicits thought, reason and response. At its nucleus, effective bloggers  write with artistic creativity. The staging process of a blog begins with the visualization of concept, context and theme.  Similar to the eye of an artist, the scripted ideas and thoughts of a blogger are paintings colored with words and text.

With social media,  the demand for bloggers has generated a powerful and growing industry of creative writer enthusiasts.   Bloggers and the artform of writing are flourishing.  Rather than specialty occupations in journalism, communications, public relations, marketing  and media relations, there is an overwhelming demand for blogger contributions beyond all business and social boundaries. Read More

Our personalities in social media

Social Media is about Relationship   Social Media is about People … Based on #1 International Best Selling Socialnomics by Erik Qualman

For the sake of public knowledge I am as guilty of and equally suspect as any and all suggested characterizations that I illustrate in my social media personalities virtual chronicles.

Before all the domains in the virtual landscape of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, LinkedIn , Blogger, just to name a few,were live, connected, and instantaneously accessible tools of communication, we were much like the tortoise enclosed in protective worlds and moseying along to our safe place of habitat and protected dwellings. Read More