Driving in Trinidad and Tobago is barbaric and inhumane…

As a recent visitor “Trini” expat, to the beautiful isle of my birth, I relished and delighted in the utopia of tropical warmth, bounteous every greens in flora and fauna, the tempting warm soothing beaches, the varieties of cuisine so tasteful and succulent, the wonders of new enterprise, in the rich architecture in commercial buildings and new  residential  designs and the splendor of culture, colorful in peopling of every creed and race… and  I experienced the lunacy of driving in Trinidad and Tobago. Read More

My Tobago trip, too Short, too Sweet, and the Toilet on the Seas

Store Bay Tobago… those lovely boats to Buccoo Reef and The Nylon Pool Oct2213 gcw

So far the St Theresa Intermediate Class of 72 Reunion in Trinidad and Tobago has been the vacation of a lifetime of memories.. there is so much to be told, and mere words are not enough to describe.

But, the trip to Tobago, aboard the Spirit inter island cruise ship from Port of Spain is the lasting memory that I will archive with highest record.

One of the best deals anywhere in the world, a 3 hour cruise from Port of Spain to Tobago at a mere $50 TT dollars or the equivalent of $8 US.  With my niece Lisa, buddy Rod, and me, we embarked on our excursion aboard the Spirit Cruise Line of Trinidad and Tobago.  Luckily, and because I wanted to savor the many hours of Tobago for one day, we purchased airline tickets for our return trip.  Again, another wonder of Caribbean bests,  a $24 US Caribbean Airlines flight, 20 mins travel between the islands.  Travel times were as late as 10:30 pm.  I imagined a full day of Tobago activities. Read More