Nothing is as potent nor can be as salacious as the usage, knowledge, and intention in the homage of words.

I am a Marilyn Monroe enthusiast.  In her mystique and her beauty, I believe she embodies and typifies  a bodily incarnation of the meaning of the word “Allure”.  In the poetry of *Maya Angelou, Phenomenal Woman*, there is movement, glamour, beauty, and royalty in the fusion of thoughts expressed in the song of each word, and paragraph.

“Its in the reach of my arms,
The span of my hips,
The stride of my steps,
The curl of my lips,
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.  (excerpted from Phenomenal Woman, Maya Angelou)

For the baby boomer generation our archaic examination of thought, word, expression is labored with definition, context, content and explanation.  Our research, our library, our encyclopedia of knowledge is studied and exhaustive.  Our references are framed by the limitations of geography and isolated discoveries.

In the explosion of the culture of the now, the experience of real time, the transition from the IBM mainframe to the immediacy of  ghz modules of app technologies, there is a pendulum shift in the art of communication exchange.  Our modus operandi is the rapture of instantaneous. Our life pulse is intravenously connected to  the art of technology. The newest, latest and greatest information technology updates are our programmed reflexes.

Trending today, May 15, 2013,  are all the new and updated enhancements to the Google brand being launched at the Google+ 2013 I/O conference.  Without my techno saavy insider cap, I was clueless about the I/O abbreviation.  So, under the rock of the unenlightened and as a seeker of explanation, I searched Wikipedia  and found the meaning “input and output” and also “Innovation in the Open” as stated descriptions.  The Dow showed  stocks at Google peaked at $900 per share on Wall Street today.  In the quantitative algorithms of developers working on all the new specs for the latest and greatest technology apps and system updates, the most concrete definition to the galactic enterprise of Google+ is colossal.

Einstein’s theories of special relativity and the physics of lightning speed,  pale with the enormity of the technology feats and enhancements that occur with accelerated ingenuity and ferocious imagination over all social media platforms.

With iPhones, and Androids, and iPads, and hand held devices at the disposal of children from ages two to almost every adult exposed to telecommunications, the Information Age was feared as the era of less social interaction and more technical exchange.  Language as a distinct and cosmic expression of thought and words, began to morph into mono syllabic encryption formats that were customized by pre adolescents, tweens and the under twenty five collegiates as the new social talk form. Conversation dwindled as the attachment to the hand held communications devices, increased.    Welcome the Millenials.

“Born between 1980-2000.  Also known as Generation Y, they came of age in the shadow of 9/11 and amid the rise of new media. Millennials are interacting all day but almost entirely through a screen. Seventy percent of them check their phones every hour and many experience phantom pocket- vibration syndrome.”   The Me Me Me Generation, by Joel Stein, Time Magazine. ” You’ve seen them sitting next to one another and texting”.

Texting is the new conversation.  Millenial jargon as the most abbreviated conversations in Instant Messaging could diminish a complete sentence into two to four letter acronyms.  The expletive WTF;   What the F*ck?, to the courtesy TY ; Thank You,  YW; Your Welcome, and the contrary LOL;   Lots of Love or Laugh out Loud;  depending on the extent of sentiment,  are a few of the most commonly used linguistic expressions.

The potency of words and the validity of its content appeared to be at risk during the uprising period of  the digital age from  the late seventies and continuing to date .  The irony of the thrust of technology with  its warp speed innovation in every discipline of life thought, education, science, social experiment, is that the socialization of world experiences have reintroduced the poetic rhapsody of the word. Social conversation is virtually unrestrainable.  The art of the word is having an emergent renaissance.

Words are the introductions to the cross culture of exchange for advertisers, for SEOs, for programmers and for consumers.  They entice the readers, the content providers, the bloggers, the writers, the thought leaders, the merchandisers, to form  social interaction and  allegiance.  Scripts are devised and words of engagement are constructed by  corporate teams for market branding of their commodities.  Social media activities with their multi-defined focus approach  are the  think tanks for all dispensations of  business, entertainment, political, and religious marketing outreach.  Word mastery is the requisite art of centralized communication on all media platforms and technology driven domains.

The use of the word hastag, the # sign was first introduced by Twitter users to denote specificity to a topic. On Twitter, a hashtag # preceding a celebrity name, ex. #Rihanna #Oprah will automatically generate a profusion of interest, as the topic becomes the prominent trending keyword for relevant searches.  The Twitter conversation is designed to highlight a specialty association.  The experience of conversation exchange and word saturation is limited and topics are fielded with URL extensions. On this platform, less is more. Keywords are the predominant emphasis in conversation.

As the saturation of information needs have exploded, there is a resurgence of the craft of word scripting.   The ability to share words that solicit, invite, entertain, and educate is commanding unprecedented value for the talented communicators.  In an extraordinary shift, the millennials who have pioneered and envisioned the virtual pageantry of social media technology, have now engineered  the most expansive information sharing portals of interactive virtual exchange and potentially global democracy.

There are global engagements, social conversations, immediate communication exchanges that are occurring in multiple cross cultural societies and more  intimately with individuals, person to person.  The imagery of the word is vividly transmitted in native languages and translated with authenticity and clarity with unparalleled camaraderie and civil engagement. The resurgence and renewed appeal of global communications have initiated a climate of Renaissance. The most fertile instruments of collaborations and conversations are refreshed and renewed through words.