Welcome to the launch of Experience Grace!  The Social Media Entrepreneur and solopreneur business enterprise.

For me Experience Grace is about life with its many foibles, as well as its innumerable opportunities for recovery and renewal.  The life experiences of connecting with people who are become more that just friends, social acquaintances, or incidental tourists in the tapestry of my history, my  journey and my  destiny are what I consider my Experience Grace moments and opportunities..

I do think that Social Media is a daily life University.   There are the current topics that draw us into the emotional spin of a temporary trending impulse  More and more lives are now more globally connected instantaneously,  than was ever before.  Throughout the world, lead stories are impacting lives and provoking discourse and discussion.  The stories of life and death, of justice and injustice, the saint and the sinner, the humane and the inhumane, the shame and the glory are readily available to be consumed with warped speed and urgency.  Such is the dynamic of Social Media as the integrative axle that connects us far and wide.

In a phone call to a seasoned business social media resource expert, Dina Eisenberg JD, OutsourceEasier.com whose name was referenced in a podcast by Tina Dietz, , the startsomethingshow.com  the fine tuning of the machinery of the social media entrepreneurial exploration was crystallized.

In a shared post on social media, that I introduced my business endeavor Experience Grace, The Social Media Entrepreneur,  to my public contacts and following, I have received immediate and valued interaction from my family, friends and my professional colleagues.

As a conversation with a prospective new client ensued, the gems of  a discussion on shared engagement were articulated in her words to me

Just like a symphony, there are so many parts, and under the skillful direction of a Master Director, it all comes together to make perfect music,

Then I do  imagine the many experiences that are the symphony of a multitude of talents that are being designed and orchestrated for its perfect life harmonization