In Memoriam. This is a memory shared in 2016
When someone asks who is this that has brought so much tears to so many, who only knew him as VirtualMuseum Oftrinidadandtobago Angelo Bissessarsingh..that is just his spirit in life. He evoked a shared and common oneness for TheBestof Trinidadand Tobago we pause …
To a memory that lives within our hearts eternally we will always remember and cherish the Spirit of you Presence
Eternal rest and Perpetual light…Rest in Peace Angelo

#TrinidadandTobagoProud #AngeloBissessarsingh VirtualMuseum Oftrinidadandtobago VirtualMuseum Oftrinidadandtobago Congratulations to Angelo Bissessarsingh for receiving the Trinidad and Tobago Hummingbird Medal (Gold) for his immense contribution to the history of Trinidad and Tobago!!

That is only the small part of the epic tale of a young man in his late twenties (ill verify later) but still relatively young who found himself facing a dire prognosis, of terminal pancreatic cancer in early 2015.

The story of momentous celebration is that given less than 2 months to live, we are all witnessing an extraordinary miracle.

Over the last few years many of the local and probably a larger number of foreign placed Trinbagonians have been walked through graveyards around the country and visited many legendary citizens through the microscopic inquisitive pen of Angelo’s writings.

We have been reintroduced to our heritages, our Indian, our Chinese, our Jewish, our Spanish, our British, our Portuguese, and our African ancestral lineages. All of our colorful callaloo of peopling from whence till now.

Mouth open ‘tory come out.. He articulated the outing of the discoverer Columbus, with common sense, intelligence and ethical reponsibility.

We weren’t just told a historical precis of what our forefathers and foremothers and foregranparents traversed to make home on our soil, we were taken to their homes, their locations, their places of worship, to their banquets, their illicit practices and to their scarred, unkept, sacred nonetheless, burial grounds.

When Angelo would coyly or maybe not so much, but with a lil mauvelangue (spellcheck police.. be my guest) share the details of the solicitous affairs that movie stars like the deceased Rock Hudson would indulge in, in the Queens Park Savannah Hotel and then to his hideaway trysts with his local male lovers, we would salivate over the savory details.

When a building of historic value is being demolished for the greed of a business’ commercial interest, Angelo is the voice of reckoning that would pen such an intractable argument about the value of our architectural heritage that we all at home and afar will corral our collective voices in sharing the disgrace we feel.

That we all mourned the demolition of Greyfriar’s Church in POS which housed a legacy of history was because, Angelo, the Virtual Museum of Trinidad and Tobago, was our spokesperson and gatekeeper. And yet our call to stay further demolition, went unanswered. We the citizens of TnT.. grieved.

The HIS stories have been rich with detail, with vivid nuance, with local conjecture and with the paintbrush of a wordsmith that would have thousands of followers engaging with each new notification on his posts on social media.

This pancreatic cancer diagnosis was like a bolt of lightening that frightened us all about the impending mortality of one of Trinidad and Tobago’s most treasured resources.

However, when Angelo invited all of us to Journey with him, -Spartan, he stated, was his attitude going forward, -he made a pact. Because there were thousands of missiles pelting cross the skies with fervent thoughts, words, prayers for healing and comfort for Angelo’s welfare.

On this Independence Day 2016, our celebration is to Life.. and to Angelo for his heroic contributions to our society, and for giving us more time to enjoy many more treasures of our historic past yet to unfold.

Angelo, from all of me to all of you, Cheers with Abundant love. Always​bissessarsingh-humbled-happier-life